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  • Going off grid with Bitcoin – Interview with Ciaran Ryan

  • Interview with Vlad Costea

    Interview with Vlad Costea

    Thank you to @TheVladCostea for joining on The Orange Sun to talk about #Bitcoin FUD-busting, Toyota Supras, girlfriends, and the newest edition of BTCTKVR magazine! Listen to the recording and find a link to the free, open-source, magazine below:

  • Meetups update

    Meetups update

    Thank you to all who attended our inaugural monthly meetup, especially those that came from far away! For the time being, we’ve decided to forego the monthly meetup in town and instead open up the weekly meetup in Railton to all comers. In order to accommodate more people, the weekly meetup has been moved to…

  • Moneyweb interview with Ciaran Ryan

    Very grateful to have been given this platform to share our project with a national audience!

  • The Orange Sun

    The Orange Sun

    We are honoured to be tasked with the responsibility of hosting The Orange Sun for Satoshi’s Journal while they are on hiatus. We will be joined by Bitshack and TK as hosts from 8am SAST on Monday to Thursday of each week. We hope that you’ll join us for our regular conversations there. We’re very…